Snorkelling is particularly good around the Ionians. Apart from incredible water clarity, there are interesting reefs and lagoons to explore and many underwater caves. Volcanic rock formations create an underwater network of caves, spires, and arches where dozens of varieties of fish can be spotted. Apart from the typical edible types, there’s a surprising variety of small, colourful tropical fish, as well as octopus, eels and giant red starfish.

Further south (but off our kayaking route), beaches around Southern Cephalonia and Zakinthos, are among the few breeding grounds for the protected Loggerhead turtle.





Some of the best swimming beaches in the world; calm, crystal clear water and dazzling turquoise bays, with water temperatures consistently warm from summer through to late October.

Most beaches are small white shingle, and few are course sand. Beaches are very safe for swimming, with no significant currents or rips, not much tide or swell, and virtually no waves.

Dolphins are a common sight in the channels between islands, especially around Lefkada's Vasiliki bay.

If you are up for some serious fun, there are many ideal spots along our kayak route where we can try jumping off the rocks into deep lagoons.





These mountainous isles are rich in culture and history, and we explore many of the attractions on foot. It’s important that you are in good physical shape as some walks involve steep hills, with the surface being typically dirt roads, & stony goat trails. Best footwear for this type of terrain are worn-in trainers- trekking boots are too rigid & bulky for packing into kayaks.