Climate in late spring and early autumn is generally warm, while summer is hot and dry, which means we can travel light.

WHAT TO WEAR: Most days will be hot so it’s ok just to wear swimmers for kayaking or light gymwear/shorts. A light polypropylene layer and light spray jacket is advisable for early spring and late autumn tours. Bring reef sandals or you can buy local beach booties -available cheaply everywhere.

For walking during the day- shorts/light pants or skirt with tank-top. T-shirt & light sweater for evenings. Worn in trainers are best for walking.

Dining at seaside restaurants is casual- frequented by yachties who wear next to nothing- unfortunately. Bikini/shorts/ sarong is standard. Pack a light jacket/sweater in Spring/Autumn.

WHAT TO BRING ON THE KAYAK TOUR: With all your clothing for the kayak tour- the general idea is to choose quick/drying lightweight materials which easily crush down to small volume.

Your personal gear should weigh no more than 8kg and fit into dry bags for storage in kayak hatches. We provide you each with dry bags for your clothing, toiletries, camera, wallet etc. Remember you will be in double kayaks -so two people have to fit their gear, along with equipment and supplies we allocate you. Be prepared to share carrying food supplies and camping gear.

On most nights you will be unpacking your gear to carry it a short distance to the guesthouse - so make it as simple as possible. Try to limit your kayaking gear to the list we recommend for you. CLICK HERE FOR PACKING CHECKLIST >


LUGGAGE STORAGE: Any luggage you don’t need on the kayaking tour can be stored safely at our Vasiliki guesthouse until we return.

SHOPPING & SUPPLIES: You can buy almost everything you need locally in Vasiliki. Supermarkets are open 7 days til late, and stock everything for the beach/watersports holiday. There are shops along our kayak route if you have forgotten something.